This blog accompanies the study for the European Commission on Enterprise 2.0. The study is carried out by Tech4i2, IDC and Headshift.

Here is a synthetic presentation of the project.

Enterprise 2.0 study presentation

Since its emergence in 2003, web 2.0 has proved to be more than a hype and has moved from a personal into a professional tool. The term Enterprise 2.0 was coined to describe the adoption of the web 2.0 tools and culture into the enterprise. It is a growing and promising field, of strategic economic importance for both the European software industry and for the productivity of European companies, especially SMEs. Yet the evidence on the size and the impact of enterprise 2.0 is just anecdotic. There is the need for a more systematic and robust assessment of the significance of enterprise 2.0 in Europe, in order to identify the challenges and the most appropriate policy options.

Goals of the study

  • To provide a clear definition of Enterprise 2.0 is, describe the market and the positioning of EU industry, also in comparison with US and Asia;
  • To analyze the take-up of Enterprise 2.0, the organizational requirements, and the role on the transition to a knowledge based low-carbon economy;
  • To collect evidence on its macro-economic impact, as a market opportunity for the European Software industry and as a productivity tool for European business;
  • To identify and analyse both the direct and contextual challenges, including the need for Next Generation Access and the legal barriers;
  • To analyse and propose possible policy actions to overcome the challenges and grasp the opportunities.


The study starts with a data collection phase, which includes market surveys and case studies.

The second phase builds on these data to analyze the macro-economic and environmental impact, the infrastructural needs and the legal challenges.

The study finally identifies the key challenges and relevant policy options.

In order to ensure the robustness of the results, all main deliverables are peer reviewed, a high-profile advisory committee is established with all key stakeholders, and extensive web consultations are planned.

Deliverables and timing

D1 Inception report Feb 2010
D2 Data report May 2010
D3 Macro-analysis report Aug 2010
D4 Policy report (final) Nov 2010

About the partners

Tech4i2 ltd delivers theory-based and empirically robust practical insights for ICT impact. The company has specific experience on the implications of web 2.0 for European policies.

Headshift is a professional Enterprise2.0 consulting and development company, which has rapidly emerged as the European market leader in this specialist sector.

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence for the information technology and telecommunication industries, which allows to place Enterprise 2.0 solutions in the big picture of the Software Industry and Market.

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